Philip Clarke

Managing Director, Software & Digital Specialist

Phil supports software claims, bringing his 20 years of experience as a developer, CTO and claimant, along with 8 years experience of applying HMRC’s guidelines to software R&D claims.


Mariam Livingstone

Engineering & Product Development Specialist

Mariam has over five years of experience supporting R&D tax credit claims. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and 11 years of industry experience, she assists claimants in non-software sectors in aligning with HMRC guidelines. Her deep technical knowledge and industry insight make her an invaluable resource.


Dr Miranda Nicholes

Science & Research Specialist

Miranda has wide experience supporting claims across sectors and specialises in research and scientific claims. Her PhD focussed on microbiology and biogeochemical cycles in glacial and marine environments.


Paul Warren

Lead Researcher & Technical Writer

Paul is a professional R&D researcher and technical writer with 10 years of experience in R&D tax credit claims and HMRC enquiry responses. He has a wealth of experience developing case studies and other content across multiple industries to support R&D tax credit claims, and produce responses to enquiry requests from HMRC.


Tumeka Burston

Claim Support & Research

Tumeka coordinates and supports the team with claim support and technical research. She has a background in software development, but supports across all sectors.

Expert Consultants for
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