Introducing the Articulate R&D team

I am really excited to be able to introduce my new collegues, enabling Articulate R&D to provide more support to businesses, accountants and R&D tax credit claim firms with our sector-specialist consultancy.

Mariam Livingstone is an engineering and product development specialist with 11 experience in industry. She has been supporting R&D tax credit claims for 5 year, using her engineering background to bring knowledge and insight of the industry along with her experience of applying the HMRC’s guidelines.

Paul Warren is a professional R&D researcher and technical writer with 7 years of experience in R&D tax credit claims and HMRC enquiry responses. He has a wealth of experience developing case studies and other content across multiple industries to support R&D tax credit claims, and produce responses to enquiry requests from HMRC.

I continue to support software claims, bringing my 20 years of experience as a developer, CTO and claimant, along with 7 years experience of applying HMRC’s guidelines to software R&D claims.

Together, we bring our experience working across thousands of claims to provide a comprehensive consultancy service to the R&D tax credit claim industry. We work with accountants, R&D specialist firms and claimant businesses – helping claimants to understand the guidelines, qualify R&D activities, speaking with technology professionals to capture the required information, and producing the case studies and narrative required for a robust claim. As a team of experienced industry insiders and professional writers, we facilitate discussion with science, engineering and technology professionals, supporting strong and defendable R&D tax credit claims, and supporting HMRC enquiries.

Articulate R&D: Philip Clarke, Paul Warren, Mariam Livingstone

Philip Clarke
Philip Clarke
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